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Switching & Sensing

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<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Industrial Relays</span>Industrial Relays
The Finder range offers one of the world's most extensive product lines available in the market. Included in this range are step relays, light dependent relays, miniature and sub-miniature p.c.b relays, relay interface modules, timers and power timers, relay sockets and accessories.

<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Switchable Circuit Breakers</span>Switchable Circuit Breakers
<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Push-To-Reset Circuit Breakers</span>Push-To-Reset Circuit Breakers
<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Gentech Position Sensors</span>Gentech Position Sensors
The Gentech PS/PM 1&2 series position sensors and magnets are available in an encapsulated package, with mounting hole elongation to enable x/y alignment on installation. Housed in a robust Nylon 6.6 package, fully encapsulated with 0.5 metres of cable. Switching options available in normally open, normally closed and changeover configurations. The PS2/PM2 has UL listing.

Online Catalogue |  Switching & Sensing