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Astralux Reed RelaysAstralux Reed Relays
The Astralux 130 series offers the widest possible choice of DIL reed relays. Manufactured to stringent quality standards, all relays are 100% tested on purpose designed automatic test equipment throughout manufacture. The Astralux 160 series SIL reed relays comply with internationally recognised I.C style packaging. Available in a standard 4 pin reduced profile package the design provides a nornally open contact and a range of coil voltages, with optional diode protection provided.

Finder Industrial RelaysFinder Industrial Relays
The Finder range offers one of the world's most extensive product lines available in the market. Included in this range are step relays, light dependent relays, miniature and sub-miniature p.c.b relays, relay interface modules, timers and power timers, relay sockets and accessories.

Switchable Circuit BreakersSwitchable Circuit Breakers
Push-To-Reset Circuit BreakersPush-To-Reset Circuit Breakers
Motion SwitchesMotion Switches
Shock SwitchesShock Switches
Tilt/Tipover SwitchesTilt/Tipover Switches
Tilt switches are used to sense movement (tilt) of a device above and below a horizontal axis. A typical use is in a thermostat. Some additional applications include: level controls, appliances, security alarm systems, toys and games, float switches and water-treatment equipment (non-mercury) . Tip-over switches sense tilt over 360° of a vertical axis. A common use is in portable heaters used in the home to prevent electrical shock or fire. This angle, called the operating angle, describes the angle from vertical to the point of contact operation, subject to a tolerance, ie. 45° ± 10° (35° to 55°). Both normally closed (tilt to open) and normally open (tilt to close) switches are available. Some additional applications include: portable lamps, PC anti-theft devices, vending-machine alarms and machinery security systems.

Gentech Position SensorsGentech Position Sensors
The Gentech PS/PM 1&2 series position sensors and magnets are available in an encapsulated package, with mounting hole elongation to enable x/y alignment on installation. Housed in a robust Nylon 6.6 package, fully encapsulated with 0.5 metres of cable. Switching options available in normally open, normally closed and changeover configurations. The PS2/PM2 has UL listing.

Online Catalogue |  Switching & Power