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Online Catalogue |  MODTEK Range

<span style='color: #cc0000;'>EUROTEK & PWRTEK Decorative Wall Plates</span>EUROTEK & PWRTEK Decorative Wall Plates
<span style='color: #cc0000;'>KEYTEK Range</span>KEYTEK Range
<span style='color: #cc0000;'>PWRTEK Range</span>PWRTEK Range
<span style='color: #cc0000;'>EUROTEK Range</span>EUROTEK Range
A comprehensive range of data, telecommunications, audio video and broadcast modules based on the standard Euro 25 x 50mm modular system.

All our modules are available in white or black as standard and produced from high quality, approved components meeting all relevant compliance and safety standards. Complementing the range are various stylish decorative metal wall plates to give the ultimate desired presentation.

Online Catalogue |  MODTEK Range