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Modular Connectors

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<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Modular Plugs</span>Modular Plugs
The Bel Stewart range of modular plugs offer superior performance for voice , data and high-speed networking applications. With mirror smooth contact surfaces and locking strain relief, the extensive range offers both unshielded and shielded solutions in various contact configurations.

<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Unshielded Modular Jacks</span>Unshielded Modular Jacks
Designed to meet the demanding requirements of high performance communication environments, Bel Stewart's range of unshielded jacks provides versatile and reliable right angled and vertical solutions for your networking applications.

<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Shielded Modular Jacks</span>Shielded Modular Jacks
Bel Stewart's range of shielded jacks provides high speed and reliable right angled and vertical solutions for today's demanding networking applications.

<span style='color: #cc0000;'>Multi Port Jacks</span>Multi Port Jacks
Both Bel Stewart's range of multi-port lines, the harmonica jack and stack jack, offer advanced space saving solutions available in eith a shielded or unshielded format.

<span style='color: #cc0000;'>MagJacks</span>MagJacks
The MagJack® brand is a comprehensive portfolio of integrated devices that combine Bel’s connectors and magnetics to provide the signal conditioning, EMI supression and signal isolation previoulsy performed by multiple (7+), discrete components. Each MagJack employed reduces PCB real estate use by more than 50% per RJ port.

Online Catalogue |  Modular Connectors