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P93275G Access Floor Box
93 series 75mm deep 2 compartment

The 1 or 2 Compartment Access Box comprises three distinct assemblies: the box base, the mounting frame and the carpet trim/lid tray assembly.

Box base has knockouts in each short side to accept both 20mm and 25mm flexible conduits. Theses entries can be replaced with grommets to allow cable access. Dividing fillets are provided to separate services. The box base comes complete with a grid to accept a range of interchangeable accessory plates that can either be supplied with or without the respective accessories. The box base and grid are manufactured from galvanised steel.

Mounting frame manufactured from galvanised steel is suitable for mounting in a 183mm x 200mm hole cut into any access floor panel with two fixing holes in each short side.

Carpet trim assembly is manufactured from ‘Nylon 66’ finished in grey with the carpet trim moulding reinforced with steel. The lid tray assembly is manufactured from steel with paint finish to suit carpet trim and is fitted with a strong lifting handle and a single cable outlet pivoting on a strong steel section held securely within the lid tray assembly.

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